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The swiss banker and chief executive officer of the Deutsche Bank, Josef Ackermann, was invited on the 22th of November to speak in Hamburg on the responsability of the banks in the actual crisis. Members of the Occupy-Movement in Hamburg interrupted the act, denouncing that it was cynical to hear one of the main responsibles of the actual critical situation speaking about moral responsability of banks as the one he leads, the Deutsche Bank, well known by its active lobbying to save itself from the impact of the impayment of the greek government and therefore by its share of the responsability of the actual economical situation Greece and Europe has to deal with.

More information in English: Spiegel-Online



We are no longer that post-ideological generation!

Flyer for the 15O in Berlin


The different groups willing to organize demonstrations in Berlin on october 15th have planned several types of decentralized actions:

– The german 15M-groups will organize an “asamblea” at Neptunbrunnen at 13:00 during one hour, and the demonstrate till Brandenburger Tor. At 16:00 the so called “after-demo party” will take place at Mariannenplatz with a rally and some concerts. At both events members of the spanish assembly will organize the so called “Wörterditschen” in order to give normal people a space to express their outrage. Click here to have more info in german.

Attac has  organized a whole days of talks about alternative ways of solving the crisis. Among the speakers, Ricardo Patiño, minister of political coordination in Ecuador, and one of the leaders of the independent consultancy programm that searched for solutions to the external debt problem of Ecuador. Carlos Cuesta will represent the 15M movement of Spain. They will take place at the Gips-Theater and start at 10:00. More information in german.

– The greek group Real Democracy BerlinGR is planning a demonstration with the slogan “Sparen macht frei” (“saving makes you free”), an ironic reference to the nazi motto in Auschwitz “Arbeit macht frei” (“Working makes you free”).

All these actions will garantee that the message “United for a global change” will be spread in several corners of the city.

This encouraging speech was made by Barnaby Laine at the conference the Coalition of Resistence organised in London on november 2010 in response to the wide public spending cuts in education of the actual british government, drewing together more than 1.200 activists and trade union militants. We all know what has been happening throughout Europe since then…

Now it is time for internationalism, as Ken Loach has stated. That is why on October 1st a conference against the austerity measures taken by several european governments will take place in London.  “A new movement has risen in Europe”, states the Call for a European Conference against Austerity, Cuts and Privatisation and in Defence of the Welfare State:

The peoples of Europe face a common enemy. The current debt problem is the latest stage of a long-running crisis of capitalism which is now impacting on virtually every aspect of our lives. But rather than dealing with the fundamental problems, governments, the European Commission and European Central Bank are trying to make the people pay – through public spending cuts, austerity measures, privatization and deregulation of the labour market. We stand for an alternative to the neo-liberal Europe and resistance to this destruction.

European Conference against Austerity



freedom for people, raymond harmon

by raymond harmon

(01:00 – Continental European Time)
Occupy Wall St.

@OccupyWallStOccupy Wall St.
Reports of numbers are vague but at least we are comfortably over 9000! #takewallstreet Let’s see how many times above that it reaches 😉
(23:00 – Continental European Time)
David Graeber

@davidgraeberDavid Graeber
Plan is Greek model – if they clear the park we just leave, then come back again
David Graeber

@davidgraeberDavid Graeber
Schedule: 6pm dinner, 7 general assembly/open mike, 10 arts & entertainment. Every day of occupation
David Graeber

@davidgraeberDavid Graeber
There’s like 8-9 big circles now brainstorming ideas. Begonia says “this feels just like Madrid!”
(22:00 – Continental European Time)
David Graeber

@davidgraeberDavid Graeber
People have formed circles for small assemblies; food is coming for 6 pm; we’re assembling existing working gps from original GA
General Assembly:
Picture by David Graeber
(19:00 – Continental European Time)
David Graeber

@davidgraeberDavid Graeber
Scooter cops at south of park where Econ forum gathering – no horses spotted yet but may be waiting out of sight
NO MEDIA IS COVERING OR EVEN MENTIONING THE #17Start so we have to do it #wearethemadia#globalcamp#yeswecamp#tomalabolsa#takewallstreet
2 photos by Juliane Pepitone:
by Juliane Pepitone
by Juliane Pepitone
(18:30 – continental European Time)
David Graeber
@davidgraeberDavid Graeber
Getting ready for Econ forum on steps of museum tweeting may decline in frequency
by Juliane Pepitone



(18:00 – continental Europe time)

The hashtag has been changed (people don’t know if it’s due to some censorship): the new hashtag is #TakeWallSt. You can also follow: @davidgraeber

The police has cut the street, they only let a few pedestrians in:

by David Graeber

More images by D. Graeber

Cops are putting barricades.

by David Graeber

Protest Chaplains arrive:

by David Graeber

The new destination seems to be:  Bowling Green Park:

Occupy Wall St.
@OccupyWallStOccupy Wall St.
bowling green park seems to be the popular destination to meet #TakeWallStreet#OccupyWallStreet
David Graeber 


Reinforcements arrive as cops appear to protect the bull – crazy mix of musics


Yes, on September the 17th Wall Street will be occupied. Activists from Occupy Wall St. made a call at Manu Chao’s concert in New York. This action is also supported by Anonymous:

But Wall St. will not be the only place where demonstrations are going to take place. In Egypt will take a general strike:

In Madrid a Social Forum Toma la Bolsa will take place on the same day in front of the Stock Market building:

In Berlin the meeting will be on the same day (Saturday 9/17th) from 15:00 to 18:00 at the Börse Berlin, Fasanenstr. 85.

And do not forget: On 9/17 the marches towards brussels will also arrive there!

More info:

Después del éxito de las marchas que llegaron a Madrid el 23 de julio, muchos se han puesto en marcha hacia Bruselas. La idea es básicamente la misma: reclamar en Bruselas una Europa más democrática, en la que los ciudadanos europeos tengamos algo que opinar sobre las decisiones que se toman en Bruselas y que afectan a nuestras vidas. Por el camino se pretende ir diseminando el mensaje, recogiendo propuestas, contribuyendo así a un aumento de la concenciación política en Europa.

La asamblea de Bruselas está organizándose para acoger a los que marchen hacia allá. Más información:

Nach dem Erfolg der Märsche durch Spanien, die sich in Madrid am 23. Juli getroffen haben um mehr Demokratie vor dem Parlament zu fördern, sind jetzt viele auf dem Weg nach Brüssel. Die Idee ist im Wesentlichen die gleiche: die Förderung von mehr Demokratie in Europa; und dass die Europäer hinsichtlich den Maßnahmen, die unser Leben direkt bestimmen, als wirkliche Entscheidungsträger betrachtet werden. Auf dem Weg kann man Vorschläge sammeln und dazu beitragen, dass es mehr politisches Bewusstsein in Europa gibt.

Die 15M-Gruppe in Brüssel wird den Empfgang dort koordinieren. Mehr Infos unter:

After the success of the marches through Spain, that met in Madrid on the 23rd of july, people are now marching towards Brussels. The aim is still the same: to demand more democracy in Europe, and that europeans can really take part in the decisions that concern our lifes. On the way proposals will be collected and a political conscience will be spread in Europa.

The 15M-group in Brussels is going to organise the welcoming of the people who arrive. More info: