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This encouraging speech was made by Barnaby Laine at the conference the Coalition of Resistence organised in London on november 2010 in response to the wide public spending cuts in education of the actual british government, drewing together more than 1.200 activists and trade union militants. We all know what has been happening throughout Europe since then…

Now it is time for internationalism, as Ken Loach has stated. That is why on October 1st a conference against the austerity measures taken by several european governments will take place in London.  “A new movement has risen in Europe”, states the Call for a European Conference against Austerity, Cuts and Privatisation and in Defence of the Welfare State:

The peoples of Europe face a common enemy. The current debt problem is the latest stage of a long-running crisis of capitalism which is now impacting on virtually every aspect of our lives. But rather than dealing with the fundamental problems, governments, the European Commission and European Central Bank are trying to make the people pay – through public spending cuts, austerity measures, privatization and deregulation of the labour market. We stand for an alternative to the neo-liberal Europe and resistance to this destruction.

European Conference against Austerity