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Flyer for the 15O in Berlin


The different groups willing to organize demonstrations in Berlin on october 15th have planned several types of decentralized actions:

– The german 15M-groups will organize an “asamblea” at Neptunbrunnen at 13:00 during one hour, and the demonstrate till Brandenburger Tor. At 16:00 the so called “after-demo party” will take place at Mariannenplatz with a rally and some concerts. At both events members of the spanish assembly will organize the so called “Wörterditschen” in order to give normal people a space to express their outrage. Click here to have more info in german.

Attac has  organized a whole days of talks about alternative ways of solving the crisis. Among the speakers, Ricardo Patiño, minister of political coordination in Ecuador, and one of the leaders of the independent consultancy programm that searched for solutions to the external debt problem of Ecuador. Carlos Cuesta will represent the 15M movement of Spain. They will take place at the Gips-Theater and start at 10:00. More information in german.

– The greek group Real Democracy BerlinGR is planning a demonstration with the slogan “Sparen macht frei” (“saving makes you free”), an ironic reference to the nazi motto in Auschwitz “Arbeit macht frei” (“Working makes you free”).

All these actions will garantee that the message “United for a global change” will be spread in several corners of the city.