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What is demanded on the squares in Spain and beyond points out the same facts: on the one hand, people feel that the problems they have aren’t solved by the actual governments and their policies; and on the other hand, we, “normal” people, see that we know or at least would like to know how to be part of the solution of the problems that make our existence more difficult – and, if possible, to solve these problems as citizens, relying on citizens, on concrete people we know, and not on abstract powers and figures that are ruling our existence as if we were machines.

We felt that we were outsiders, since the system throws us out of itself. And from the margins we said: “let’s take the squares, let’s re-cover what used to be public”. To re-cover may also mean to fertilize, to prepare the land to make something grow out of what has the appearance to be sterile. “Let’s be creative, let’s demonstrate not by demanding solutions, but by making solutions to happen. Let’s show that politics have to be redefined. Let’s think, act, live and be politics”.

The idea of Creative commons shows a similar process: it’s a new frame created in order to dynamize the relations between people and between them and what they do and make. It’s a new way of empowering people. And this, empowering people – not lobbies – , should be the main aim of a democratic system, including the 15th may-movement itself.